5 Tips To Stop Your Dog Barking

dog in snow

dog in snow

Many people would say that one of the biggest problems they have with there dog is their dog barking, and in particular when they seem to be barking for no good reason,but you must understand that barking much like other behavior like chewing and digging is a part of their natural behavior. So how do you fix this ? . well first of all don’t try to stop this behavior all together try to teach your dog to channel this behavior for the appropriate time.

The 5 tips to help stop your dog barking


1. Understand why your dog is barking.

Although dogs sometimes bark out of boredom, it is usually a response to a perceived threat. When another animal or person enters the dog’s perceived territory, he may bark as a warning.


2. Remove temptations/triggers.

There may be a certain thing that occurs that triggers your dog to bark for example if he sees other dogs . If this is the case try to control the situation . So if you are out on a field and someone has another dog close by then walk your dog in the opposite direction and guide your dog away from the other dog .


3. Do not yell at your dog for barking.

This is a common thing that you might do because constant barking will soon irritate you , but the truth is that not only is this an ineffective method of getting your dog to be quiet, but also it doesn’t do anything to solve the problem itself. Your dog will simply start barking again later.


4. Teach your dog to bark on command.

Find something that excites your dog to the point that he begins barking, and just before initiating the trigger, use a command phrase, such as, “Speak.” When your dog barks,


5. Teach your dog to stop barking on command.

Once you’ve taught your dog a “speak” command, you can incorporate a “hush” command. When your dog is barking, use the “hush” command in a calm tone, and reward your dog as soon as he stops barking.


below i have included a info graphic based on this article on stopping your dog barking


I hope this information helps with your dog barking problems  and i hope this gives you a new perspective to how to deal with your dog barking.


Thanks for reading


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