5 ways of House training your puppy

house training your puppy

On the list of all the great things about having a new puppy in your life ,house training isn’t one of them.Lots of new dog owners worry about house training their puppies, for a few reasons .Maybe it’s that they are afraid that it will be a long process, or maybe that their house will get destroyed in the process , whatever the reason , it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right methods , house training your puppy can take just a few weeks.

Below I have listed 5 ways in which you can make house training your puppy an easier task.

House training your puppy


1. Consistency Is The Key

I have listed consistency at number one as I believe this is the most important part of the equation. No matter which house training method you use it is important to be consistent. If you want your dog to do his business outside , you need to consistently reward them for doing so until they learn to do it automatically.

2. Creating a routine

Dogs tend to like routine, and this is especially true during house training. Puppies develop best when they have a regular schedule .For example having a regular schedule when it comes to meal times means that you will also be able to predict when your puppy needs to go out.

3. Take your puppy outside every hour or so

By taking your puppy outside frequently through the day, you will give them plenty of opportunities to do their business outdoors rather than in the house.Which instils in them that they go outside to do their business.

4. Praise and reward your puppy

During the time that your puppy is still learning it is important to praise and reward them everytime they do there business outside, By praising them excitedly for their good behaviour, you will show them that are pleasing you with their good behaviour and they will seek to earn your approval in the future.

5. Do not feed your puppy 2 hours before bedtime

Don’t worry this is not a reference to the film gremlins , your dog will not turn into a monster if you do feed them before bedtime . But it definitely increases the chances of accidents during the night ,so the best thing to do is to take up your puppies water dish and don’t feed them any food or treats before bedtime.

So there they are , the 5 ways to make house training your puppy that much easier. I hope this information helps you and please remember to be patient with your puppy while they are learning.

below i have included a info graphic on the 5 ways to house train a puppy


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