Dog Clicker Training Method

obedient dog

obedient dog

Today we are talking about dog clicker training, if you are new to dog training, you might be surprised to find that there are a variety of methods to choose from when it comes to training your dog. A very simple yet effective method of dog training involves the use of a small handheld clicker. Although it may seem simple or silly, the dog clicker training method is actually a very effective training tool.

 The Details on dog clicker training



It’s science.

Dog clicker training is based on the idea that animals tend to learn by association. The clicker helps the dog form a connection in his mind between the command and the behaviour.


The clicker helps the dog identify the desired behaviour.

The key to success in dog training is to get your dog to repeat the desired behaviour, Using a clicker helps the dog make the connection between the behaviour and the reward more quickly.


The clicker is paired with the reward.

After giving a command, the clicker is used as soon as the dog performs the behaviour. The dog will get used to hearing the sound in conjunction with the behaviour, followed by the reward.


The clicker is clearly Understandable.

Because dogs cannot comprehend human speech, they simply learn to identify certain words and phrases. This being the case, many of the words we speak to our dogs are meaningless. But the sound of the clicker is clearly defined, which makes it effective in helping the dog form an association between the behaviour and the reward.


It makes training faster.

The more quickly your dog learns to identify the desired behaviour, the more quickly he will learn to repeat it. The clicker helps to speed up the whole process.


Dog clicker training can be a very effective tool as a dog training method, as long as you use it properly, and understand like any other training method it requires consistency and the correct approach

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