How Do I Stop My Dog Digging ?

dog digging

dog digging

It can be very frustrating to come home to find your beautiful garden destroyed.your dog digging is a completely natural part of a dogs behavior. But unfortunately it can be very destructive. The trick to keeping your dog from digging up your garden is to accept that it is in your dogs nature to dig, so give him a different outlet rather than trying to stop the behavior altogether .

Below I state some of the best ways I believe you can manage your dogs need to dig and keep your garden looking beautiful at the same time

The tips to stop your dog digging


Don’t try to stop your dog digging altogether

As I mentioned above , it is a natural thing for your dog to dig,so it is not wise to try and stop the behavior altogether, instead supervise your dog when he is in your garden and keep an eye on him .


Put up fences or borders to protect your garden

putting up a decorative fence to protect your garden is a good way to deter your dog from digging on that part of your garden.


Raised garden beds

raised beds may help protect your flowers as dogs are less likely to hop up to a raised bed than they are to wander around a garden that is all on the same level.


Teach your dog that you don’t like his behavior

If you catch your dog digging in your garden ,say “no” in a firm voice and if necessary lead your dog away from the area he was digging.


Redirect your dogs behavior

Give your dog his own special area of the garden to dig in. This will give your dog the ability to act on his urge to dig without sacrificing your beautiful garden , and you can incentivize him to dig in that area by burying his toys in that area. If you catch him digging outside his area say “no” in a firm voice and lead him to his digging area.


I hope this information is helpful to you and helps you stop your dog digging


thank you for reading

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