How To Keep Your Dog Calm At The Vets


Going to the vets can be a scary and stressful time for your dog, and its easy to understand why , they are being forced into unfamiliar surroundings. They are Surrounded by people and other animals that they have never come into contact with before, and they may even need shots or examination. So with all this going on around them it is very important to keep your dog as calm as possible when visiting the vets.

Below I have given some tips on how to keep your dog calm, when visiting the vets.


Having a strong bond with your dog

If its the first time your dog is going to the vets , then in that veterinary clinic, you are the only person that your dog knows and having a strong bond with your dog may be the one thing that keeps him calm as he is likely to feel more secure having you around.



Get your dog used to being handled

It may be a good idea to spend some time each day handeling his ears and belly to get him used to that kind of contact


Take your dog to the vets before his first appointment

Taking your dog to the vets before their first appointment is a good idea as he can meet the staff and get more familiar with the environment, which should help relieve anxiety for the next time he goes.



Keep your dog close to you while you are waiting to be seen

Keep him close to you and try to distract him from the other animals in the room with toys and treats.


Be mindful of other pets and people

This is especially important as you must respect the fact that you are surrounded by other animals and you don’t know how they might react to your dog. So keep a respectful distance from other pets. The same goes for your dog , if he is afraid he might act differently than usual.


Distract him during the exam

Try to distract your dog with a treat that may take a few minutes to eat. So that he is distracted while the vet performs the exam.


Keep yourself calm

Dogs are very sensitive to human emotions, so if you are frantic , he is more likely to be frantic as well.


I hope these tips help you when taking your dog to the vets , and please remember the more safe and secure your dog feels in the vets, the smoother the whole process will be.


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