How To Teach A Dog To Roll Over

dog rolling over

How to teach a dog to roll over

So lets talk about how to teach a dog to roll over. When you bring a new puppy home,its natural that you will want to start teaching them different things like potty training for example, and then as you go on you will start to look at new things to teach them , so today we are going to talk about the classic trick of how to teach a dog to roll over .

Below I have given the steps needed on how to teach a dog to roll over

The 5 tips on how to teach a dog to roll over


1. First and foremost make sure your dog knows how to lie down as this is important for this trick . If he doesn’t know how to respond to the “lie down” command then first of all teach him that.



2. secondly when your dog knows the “lie down” command , get your dog in the “down” position and kneel down .



3. next get a treat, (pieces of chicken is good for this as you can tear it into small pieces) .Hold the treat near his nose so he can smell it , and make sure you close your fingers around the treat so he cant take it from you



4. Then move your hand with the treat in it around their head and they will likely follow your hand with their nose. by them following with their nose, their head and body will follow the motion and the rest of the body will roll over. Make sure you say Roll over in a clear voice as you move the treat around their head.



5. Reward your dog when he rolls over using the method above , and be consistent and practice this trick over again until the dog recognizes the words “roll over” and completes the command.



The Overview

As I have mentioned before consistency is key to perfecting “how to teach a dog to roll over “ just like other tasks when training your dog .so be patient and enjoy teaching your dog this new trick.

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