How To Train Your Dog To Sit

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How to train your dog to sit

So today we are talking about how to train your dog to sit. This is the trick everyone loves for the simple fact that it’s one of the easier ones to teach your dog , and for many of you this is where you start to see the first results and where you see the bond with your dog start to grow.

Below I have given the steps needed on how to train your dog to sit

The 5 tips on how to train your dog to sit


1. First things first, get on the same level as your dog by kneeling down.



2. get a treat , (for example chicken as this works well ) hold the treat in your hand with your fingers wrapped around it, so they cant snatch it from you. Hold the treat by his nose so he can smell it and let his head follow the treat.



3. As you hold the treat raise your hand but make sure its still close to his nose and as his head comes up his bottom will go down.



4. As your dogs bottom hits the floor say “sit” in a clear voice and then straight away give him the treat for sitting.



5. Reward your dog when he sits not only with the treat but by rubbing his head and showing affection by saying “good boy”. This lets him know that what he has done pleases you, and continue to do this every time your dog completes the sit command .


The Overview

learning how to train your dog to sit is a very rewarding step in the journey of training your dog. Remember consistency is the key to accomplishing “how to train your dog to sit “ just like other tasks when training your dog.

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