Should I Use Puppy Crates



Should I use puppy crates

There are many different training methods when house training your puppy, and today we are going to look into puppy crates . Puppy crates are basically a crate that your puppy feels safe and secure . It is in a dogs natural behavior to like enclosed spaces for sleeping, and in the wild they would seek out a safe place to sleep and to keep away from predators.

From a aesthetic point, people are sometimes put off by puppy crates as they resemble a cage or prison, but as long as you have chosen the correct size puppy crates for your dog and you properly introduce your dog to it then it can be a helpful training tool.

Again though as I mention above its very important to properly introduce your dog to puppy crates and it is best to introduce puppy crates to them from an early age as this will give you the best results for your dogs happiness in the long term.

So why is using puppy crates useful for house training ?

Basically your dog won’t soil himself in a place where he sleeps, and as I mentioned above if you properly introduce your dog to his puppy crate then he will see his crate as his safe haven.


5 Steps on how to use puppy crates

Below I have give 5 steps on how to use puppy crates

1. Choose the right size puppy crate First and foremost , make sure you have a crate that is big enough for your dog to stand up in and move around in. I can’t overstate this enough as you want your dog to find being in his crate as a pleasant experience , but at the same time you don’t want the crate to be so big that he feels he can potty and still get away from it.

2. Make the crate a positive experience Next you want to introduce the crate in a positive way , so its a good idea to entice him to go in by putting some treats in there and letting him go in and move around the space and become familiar with what it is , but leave the door open.

3. Make it a place he doesn’t want to soil The next thing you will need to do is put some nice bedding in there for him as again this will reaffirm that this is not a place to go potty. This is why I do not suggest using newspaper in there as this may give the wrong impression another good idea is to put some of his favorite toys in there with him and again make him feel this is a safe and pleasant place to be.

4. Be consistent Consistency is everything!, If you have read my other articles you will notice a common trend . I always talk about consistency, Consistency is massively important in all aspects of dog training and it’s no different with puppy crates. Consistency is not just important when doing the main aspects of training, you also need to be consistent with your own behavior and notice when your dog does something out of the ordinary and how to act on that situation , for example, noticing if your dog is drinking a lot of water after you have been out for a walk , and then registering in you mind that he is going to need to go potty.

5. Understand that accidents happen : It is important to understand not to punish your dog for accidents whether it be in the house or in the crate , because quite frankly he has no idea why you are telling him off , he may have soiled a part of the house 30 minutes ago and it doesn’t register with him that you are telling him off for it. You need to understand like everything in dog training , this is a process and you have to guide your dog to the correct actions , by praising him , repeating the same things over and over again , using certain words combined with actions and so on.

The overview

so there you have it , Using puppy crates can be a good way of house training your puppy and giving him a place he feels safe and giving him a nice place to sleep, but only if you do it properly , its very important to introduce your puppy to puppy crates from a early age and and make him feel its a pleasant and safe place to be.

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below i have included a video , that gives more tips on crate training


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