Stop Puppy Biting

puppy biting


Stop Puppy Biting

In this article we are talking about “stop puppy biting ” .When you first bring a new puppy home, they spend a lot of there day playing and chewing , and when you play with them they will most likely nibble at your hands . So your puppy biting doesn’t effect you too much when they are small but if this behavior continues as they grow it can become a problem , not only for you but for other people you let your dog interact with. It’s also important to understand that mouthing is a natural part of a puppies behavior,and biting is how a puppy discovers the world and the things around him, so be patient and consistent when using the methods below.

Below I have given 5 tips on how to stop your puppy biting

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The 5 tips to Stop puppy biting


1.   One tip to discourage biting is when you are playing with your puppy and he bites you too hard , say “ow” and stop playing , as this teaches him that it was unacceptable behavior. And then after a few minutes play with them again and if they bite again, stop playing again .this teaches biting inhibition,bite inhibition is basically where your puppy learns to control the pressure of his bite. Using consistency is the key to putting a halt to this behavior.


2. Redirect this behavior by using a chew toy. A chew toy encourages them to know the difference between it being acceptable to bite the chew toy but unacceptable to bite you, and if they do bite you  let them know when they have done something wrong by saying “ouch” and stop playing.


3. walk away – as I mentioned above , when your dog bites you too hard walk away and show them that play time is over , which also means no more attention for them, (which of cause they don’t want). This conditions them to realize that what they are doing is not acceptable .


4. teach “OFF” , teaching “off“ is where you use food in a closed fist and allow the puppy to sniff and lick and then say “OFF” to them and when they back away then give them the treat. Repeat this several times and your dog will start to respond to the “off” command. This method takes patience but is effective.


5. Focus on what you want the dog to do rather than what you don’t want them to do . Encouragement is very important , so when your dog has reacted in a positive way to something you are teaching them , make sure you reward them and encourage them so they know that this behavior pleases you.

The overview

Again as I have mentioned above , it is important to understand that biting and chewing are a natural part of your puppies behavior especially when they are very young and are teething , so the most important thing you can do is be patient and reward their positive behavior. I hope this article on “stop puppy biting” helps you when tackling this problem.

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