Which Dog Collars and leashes Should I Buy?

dog in harness

 dog in harness

If you have never owned a dog before, you may not realize that having the correct dog collar is very important and that there are many different types of dog collars and leashes  to choose from. Some even have there own specific purpose, for example Some dog collars and leashes are recommended for training, while others are good for overall use. Before you decide on which collar to get for your dog , take the time to research the different types of dog collars and leashes available and which will be best for you and your dog.

Which dog collars and leashes ? – the details below


Traditional nylon collars

The traditional dog collar usually consist of a nylon strap that can be adjusted to fit around your dog’s neck. When using these collars, it is important not to tighten them too much around your dog’s neck


Head collar

This type of dog collar closely resembles a muzzle, but it does not prevent your dog  from opening his mouth. These collars are often used when training a dog to walk on the leash.


Breakaway collars.

This type of collar is designed to break when it becomes snagged to prevent your dog from choking.



A harness loops around the dog’s back and under his belly, rather than looping around the nose and behind the head. This type of collar distributes the force from the leash evenly along the dog’s back, rather than putting strain and pressure on his neck and throat.


Gentle-lead-head harness.

This type of harness is very popular, and it is a type of halter that goes               around the head. These halters provide the owner with increased control over the dog in a safe manner.



 A type of head halter designed especially for dogs with short muzzles, a              snootloop has straps that go around the nose, connecting to the loop                  around the neck. This prevents the halter from slipping off while keeping a          loose hold around the nose in short-faced dogs.


So there they are ,some examples of different types of dog collars and leashes , it is important when choosing a dog collar , that you take into consideration the breed of the dog , the size of the dog and the age of the dog. Also take consideration , if you are in the process of training your dog ,to get the best dog collar for the needs of your dog. I hope this information helps you .

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