Why Is My Dog Jumping on Visitors ?

boxer dog

It’s quite a common thing for a dog to get excited when you have visitors to your home, and you may even find your dog jumping on your guests . This behaviour can make your guests weary and uncomfortable, especially if they are not accustomed to being around dogs . Unfortunately most dog owners actually encourage this behaviour without knowing it, and once your dog does this , it can be a hard habit to break.

Below I have included some ways in which you can deal with this behaviour and information that may help you understand why your dog may be doing this . As with most things if you can understand why this is happening then you can take steps to correct it.

ways to stop your dog jumping up your visitors below


Dogs learn when they are young

When your dog was a puppy there was a good chance that you may have rewarded your dog jumping up and sitting on your lap. Then as time goes by and your puppy grows you may not want your dog sitting on your lap as it may have grown too large, (which is especially the case for large breeds). The problem is that your dog has already been programmed to jump up and sit on your lap and be rewarded for it .



Dogs can get easily excited

Depending on the breed of dog ,certain dogs can be more excitable than others for example boxer dogs . For some dogs it doesn’t take much to set them off. A doorbell ringing is enough for them to get excited over as it signifies a visitor.



Basic obedience training can help

Teaching your dog to respond to basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” can be very helpful, as this teaches your dog to respond to you and when your dog does jump up to guests using the sit command can be very useful to stop them.



Stop rewarding your dog for their behaviour

Rewarding your dog for this kind of behaviour reaffirms that their behaviour is acceptable . Tell your guests to ignore your dog if he jump up at them.



Consistency is key

The key to breaking your dogs bad habits is consistency, you need to be consistent about enforcing the rules , you need to correct your dog if he jumps up to guests so that he learns that its not acceptable.



I hope that this information will help stop your dog jumping up at your visitors, but please remember to be patient with your dog as it takes both time and effort to break the bad habits of your dog .

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