Why Is My Dog Whining ?

dog whining

dog whining

Why Is My Dog Whining?

It is normal for dogs to whine at some point or another. Dogs usually whine when they need to go out, and sometimes dogs whine when they are trying to tell their owners something. In some cases, however, dogs may begin to whine excessively, and it can be a difficult and frustrating behavior to deal with.

Below i have given 5 reasons why your dog may be whining

Details on why is my dog whining 


1. Dogs often use whining as a means of communication. Because your dog can’t use words to communicate, he may resort to whining to get your attention.


2. One common reason your dog may whine is he may need to go outside. If you do not let your dog out on enough, he may end up coming to you and whining to let you know that he needs to be let outside.


3. Another reason is he could be trying to tell you something is wrong. Dogs as a natural part of their behavior do not often show  when they are sick (because predators would view it as a sign of weakness), so you may not even realize when your dog isn’t feeling well. If your dog is whining, it could be because something is medically wrong.So if he is not acting his usual self take him to a vets as its better to be safe than sorry.


4. It’s also very possible that your dog is simply  bored. When dogs are bored, they are likely to exhibit a variety of behaviors, including excessive barking, chewing and whining.


5. Whining may be a reinforced behavior. If the goal of whining for your dog is to earn your attention, you may be unknowingly reinforcing that behavior by responding to it (even if you simply enter the room to tell the dog to stop).


3 Tips on how to control this behavior


1. You can control the behavior. The quickest way to end your dog’s excessive whining is to stop rewarding or even acknowledging it.( unless of cause your dog is not acting his normal self as mentioned above )The  reason your dog whines for your attention is because it has worked in the past. If he no longer gets the desired response, he will stop doing it.


2. Reward your dog for being quiet. When your dog is whining, approach the room and give your dog a “hush” command just before closing the door firmly (do not let the dog see you). When your dog stops whining, wait five seconds, then enter the room to praise and reward your dog for his good behavior.


3. Give your dog plenty of exercise. Dogs that do not receive enough exercise are more likely to become bored and to develop problem behaviors.


Last thoughts on this why is my dog is whining article

Excessive whining is just like any behavior  you can condition your dog not to do it. It is important not to punish your dog for whining, you should try to reward him for being quiet. If you are consistent in not reinforcing the negative behavior and in rewarding good behaviors, you can easily control your dog’s whining.

thanks for reading , i hope this article has been of help to you


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